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"What is Neurodevelopmental Therapy and what do you do?"

Tori Sheppard

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Is your child struggling at school or in their
day-to-day functioning?

Map and Compass specialises in identifying and treating physical factors underlying specific learning difficulties, under-achievement and behavioural problems.  The programmes used are Neuro-Developmental and Sound Therapies. These are ground breaking interventions that can help a child or young person who is not coping or one who seems to have to work much harder than should be necessary to achieve what other children of the same age and stage find to be within their reach, whether at school or in their social or home environments. 

Immaturities in the nervous system and distorted patterns of hearing can interfere with both schooling and the functions of daily life, making it more difficult to focus and interpret what is being taught and happening around them.

These methods examine the underlying neurological and physiological factors that may be contributing to the child’s difficulties. They are customised, individual movement, and listening programmes which are targeted to remove physical/

neurological blockages in order for their nervous systems to work

as they were designed. These programmes, rooted in 4 decades of internationally accepted research, have the potential to enable and activate actual positive changes in their everyday lives. 

These specialised, evidence-based interventions can help individuals manage their learning, social, emotional, and physical challenges. Our services utilise the INPP Method and Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation to provide children and young people with the tools they need to better cope with the obstacles they face in school, at home, and in daily life.

Map and Compass works with children, adolescents, adults and families who are committed to engaging in daily listening and specialised movement activities in order to see improvement in their lives. It is important to note that these therapies require a daily commitment.

















Neuro-Developmental Therapy is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive approach to addressing and treating developmental, learning, behavioural, and social/emotional difficulties. Through the use of precise neural stimulation movement techniques, Neuro-Developmental Therapy works to integrate retained primitive reflexes and create connections within the brain.  This brain-body connection provides a "second chance" for key developmental stages that may have been lacking in order to provide the nervous system with a firm foundation for development.

A Neuro-Developmental approach looks at the whole child through a developmental "lens."  Therefore, according to my experience, I am also able to act in an advisory role referring to other health practitioners, biomedical/nutrition based specialists, psychological specialists, social care providers, and educators who may be able to help your child in a variety of ways beyond the expertise at Map and Compass. The goal is your child operating to their potential regardless of the specific intervention needed to get them there. 

Note:  Currently Map & Compass is working with children and young people from ages 3-25 years old.  There is scope to work with adults for Sound Therapy only at this stage. Map & Compass can refer adults seeking Neuro-Developmental Therapy to other practitioners and will treat adults from summer of 2024. 

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Neuro-Developmental Therapy
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